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Building up your business and personal assets

Each phase in your professional life calls for different financial solutions. It is never too early or too late to structure and manage your business and personal assets or to contemplate a transfer.

We help you with:

  • Your asset and estate planning
  • The organisation of your assets and the transfer to your children and grandchildren
  • The establishment of a holding to manage and structure your assets


Family businesses have their own, unique dynamics. Often employing several generations, securing the family’s future will always be a major consideration. Where a family has several businesses in its portfolio, sooner or later a decision will have to be taken on who gets what part of the assets and how that will be determined.

Even more so than in other companies, the emotional aspect tends to be a major factor in family businesses. Well aware of that, we go far beyond the purely fiscal side of things and handle your planning in an integrated and creative manner. What’s more, we don’t only look at your family situation but at your professional and personal future too.


In an ever-changing context, agility is a serious advantage. At times, reality may demand that you adjust your planning or that you change tack altogether. In that case, we actively come up with ideas and work out a modified plan on your behalf.

Find out how we optimise your tax returns and help you to make the right fiscal choices.


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