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Aside from being complex, the legislation is also ever-changing. At De Blay + Partners, we closely monitor all those new legislative developments to ensure that we provide a proactive response to your reality. As your fiscal and financial partner, we deploy our professionalism so that you can get on with what you know best... in complete confidence. And we do so driven by our four core values.


Our collaboration as fully fledged partners is based on respect and integrity. Right from our initial contact we carefully listen to you and to the story behind your company. That context is very much taken into account in any advice we offer, which will always be in line with the values you and your business stand for. A respectful relationship of trust leads to a long-term collaboration and sound decisions that bear fruit.


Trust is the basis of an excellent relationship with your accountant and tax consultant. At De Blay + Partners, we monitor your company’s performance so closely that nothing escapes our attention, allowing us to act swiftly when the need arises. The fact that you can rely on us come rain, hail or shine makes for great peace of mind.


For every challenge or complex situation there is a solution. We go to extremes to devise the best possible option for your company. To do so, we avail of our in-house expertise or call on our national and international partners.


As accountants and tax consultants, it only stands to reason that we focus on figures, yet we never lose sight of the fact that, behind those figures, there are people. This ensures that the advice we offer you is always based on the reality of your business and on your vision.

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