De Blay + Partners
Certified accountants and tax advisors

For clarity and reliability you can bank on

We optimise your fiscal position and advise you on the appropriate fiscal choices.

As the tax you pay does play a role in the business decisions you take, we painstakingly monitor any changes in the legislation so that you are guaranteed to get the very best tax advice.


The people working at De Blay + Partners are certified accountants and tax advisors with years of experience under their belt, an asset we put to good use to keep the tax burden on your company to a minimum.


We are able to answer all your tax-related questions, whether about the tax you pay in Belgium or abroad. We figure out the most favourable fiscal conditions and devise solutions that offer you the best outcome for your business.

We find you the best solution for your:

  • Corporation tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Legal entity income tax (associations)
  • VAT
  • Inheritance tax
  • Registration duties
  • Tax planning

Discover how we turn your financial figures into the guide to achieving your goals.


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